8 thoughts on “Albina Neighborhood Improvement Project, 1963

  1. A picture from Dec. 23, 2015 Vintage Portland post is very similar to this one and some of the kids have the same clothes on. It says “Volunteers working at an empty lot at 3732 & 3738 N Kerby Avenue during an Ablina Neighborhood Improvement Project Clean-Up, 1963.”

  2. Just looked on Google street view, that whole area is cleaned up and well cared for now. Gentrification? or neighborhood pride? Probably both.

  3. that whole area has been gentrified,and all the poor residents displaced to mid-county. the author of the oregon encyclopedia article makes an almost laughable reference to “maintaining diversity” in the area.how gentrification has gone down and the ouster of minorities from the area is frankly shameful.

  4. I think we should remember why all these residents were concentrated in this area in the first place. Because of renewed investment in this neighborhood many of these people, who had been relegated to decaying, run-down shacks, were able to sell and move to wherever they chose. Many of them moved to the previously desirable outer suburbs, and with their arrival arose the now prevailing attitude in these suburbs of “there goes the neighborhood”. That there is a movement to try to “put them back where they belong” seems shameful to me.

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