11 thoughts on “Mt. Tabor Reservoir 1, circa 1912

  1. Just noticed something. If you zoom in on the old photo — those small evergreen trees on the hillside in the old picture — I bet those are the large 100 year old firs in the present day picture.

  2. Portland is a city of beautiful parks, and Mt. Tabor is one of the best. As it says in the park brochure, “The acquisition of parkland in Portland coincided directly with President Teddy Roosevelt’s campaign and policies for conservation that helped implement the National Parks Service and the U.S. Forest Service.” Kudos to turn-of- the-century Portland for establishing these wonderful parks that we all enjoy today! And the pairing of a beautiful park and reservoirs is a wonderful combination, Question: Is this gatehouse the one that is visible from Division St.? In the 1950s we used to visit granny in this neighborhood and I seem to remember peering from the back seat of Dad’s “57 Ford Fairlane at that unusual “rock-built” building with the ornate fence and roses and lawn fronting it.

  3. What happened to the little house in the old picture? Was this a caretakers quarters or something?

  4. The statue of Harvey Scott was sculpted by Gutzon Borglum sculptor of Mt .Rushmore. I’ve been thinking about taking a picture of it for years and was gonna do it this summer but the last two photo excursions I went on were the Deschutes river and eagle creek. We all know how those spots are doing. The Eagle creek trail was closed all the way down to the trailhead the day I was there (about 4 days before fire) Never knew why, as the older fire was quite away up the trail. The point I’m making is if they hadn’t reopened the trailhead the fire would never have happened. When I mention this to USFS I get blank stares

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