17 thoughts on “Stanton Yard, 1969

  1. Those streets changed a lot after the Emanuel hospital expansion. Today the closest cross street is N. Kerby. It’s not far from N. Vancouver and you can see Harriett Tubman middle school in the upper left corner of the image.

  2. I am curious about the planned destination of the freeway exit stub near the SW corner of the Stanton Yards building. In the photos in Brian’s and Rod’s postings, it appears to have been extended as part of the Fremont Bridge approach construction, but still leaving a stub to nowhere.

  3. Ron, that stub may have been for a future freeway that never came to be. The Rose City freeway or the Prescott Expressway.

  4. That stub seems pointed northbound and too far north to be part of that once planned expressway what if not mistaken was to pass thru SE.

  5. The playground for the (now) Boise-Eliot Elementary school is the dirt patch at the bottom center. Although Emanuel did its part in tearing up the neighborhood, I-5 and then the Fremont Bridge ramps really started the process.

  6. The northbound stub from the Fremont Bridge onramp, and the southbound stub on I-5 are both remnant of the original plans for I-405, which would’ve seen the “Rose City Freeway” extend northeast from its 2018 terminus north of Emmanuel Hospital to about NE Prescott Street, where it would’ve terminated in a partial-stack interchange with the Going Expressway to Swan Island and the Prescott Freeway heading east. There also exists a stub ramp off of the I-405 exit off of I-5 southbound that would’ve been the northbound connector to the Rose City Freeway from I-5 South.

  7. Thanks Edge Lord and El Queso. I arrived in PDX in 1970 and was here for the battle of the Mt. Hood Freeway, but was unaware of the Rose City and Prescott Freeway plans. I am glad that no more neighborhoods were sliced up like the area around Emanuel.

  8. Hi,
    I’m not sure if this is correct but here goes. In the upper right corner of the 1969
    photo, is the intersection of N Russell & N Mississippi (south of the freeway.)
    I can see the White Eagle Saloon, and what I think may be the Bank
    Of Albina building, on the NE corner of the intersection.
    This was an old 19th-century bank in the area.

  9. I’ll probably get a lot of “thumbs down”, but I grew up in North Portland and now live in Gresham and I wish they would have implemented all those additional freeway plans. Most folks are never going to give up their cars and maybe if we had the extra freeways, we’d be in better shape.

  10. All the residents north of the truck service building were razed, the dirt lot is actually right about where the off/on ramp goes through.

  11. The stub is now the WB Fremont Bridge flyover. E/W streets are Russell running under the stub. Next is Graham, then Stanton, which is now gated at the Kerby and Mississippi ends. Then comes Morris, followed by Cook at the bottom of the photo.

    N/S are from the left, Commercial, Kerby, Borthwick, Albina and a bit of Mississippi at top right


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