11 thoughts on “SE Woodstock Boulevard, 1951

  1. The Google street view is pretty out of date. There are new 3 floor apartment buildings on both sides of the street starting at 53rd. The hardware store on the left survived as an auto parts store until the end of 2014.

    Now that I’m thinking about it, the church stands on the only corner of this intersection that hasn’t changed radically in the last 5 years. The Arby’s in the SW corner was torn down for a 7-11, and the old gas station in the NW corner was recently torn down and replaced with a building that now houses a coffee shop and yoga studio.

  2. But the corner store is gone. Such a wonderful neighborhood amenity, the corner store. Sad to see them all gone. Many southeast neighborhoods still have the building, but the store is long gone, and buildings are now residential.

  3. The mention of the Arby’s reminds me of the Safeway on that SW corner (5136 Woodstock) before they moved further south to 6125 SE 52nd in the early fifties.

  4. Crown of the street is higher than the curbs because of the many times paved over tracks of the Woodstock streetcar line ~

  5. I think the two craftsman houses on the right – east of the corner store – are both still there in the form of Kaleafa.

  6. How many folks out there have fond memories for Sho and his friendly service crews at the Mobil Stations at 41st and Woodstock and the second location on 52nd?

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