Help Us Out!

Kids posing for photo with bike, 1963. This image comes from Albina Neighborhood Improvement Program slides. Does anyone recognize this corner?


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2010-003.4276.


View this image in Efiles by clicking here.

10 thoughts on “Help Us Out!

  1. This from a fact sheet on the plan ” In January, 1961, the Committee members reviewed a proposal for a specific project area located between Fremont, Skidmore, Vancouver, and the alley between Albina m:l Mississippi Avenues. After a
    discussion of this area, they decided to gather additional information
    by talking to residents and asking the Federal Housing
    Administration (FHA) whether they would back home improvement
    loans if this area were to be selected as the first project area.

  2. PMC: if I live just within spitting distance of that intersection and know the area has changed, I am not seeing what you see. It’s also outside the south and east boundaries of the project.

  3. Champs, thanks for the question. Here are a few other details:

    1. the pink house on the corner has a door on the side facing east. You can see this door just above the bushes in this streetview image: here is an older view of that same house with a more visible side door

    2. There are three houses down the street with an odd front roof line. that are houses 6-9 on the street. These houses still exist but only the houses 8 and 9 still have the same front roof line. This is visible here:

    3. the 5th house is white with a little pop out roof. you can see this here from the air (its the house with the white car in front)

    4. the house at the end of the street with the round pillars is here

    this is my best guess 🙂

  4. I spent some time with Street View, and the 2007 look at the corner seems to endorse PMC’s theory. So much has changed, I don’t know if an actual visit will clear things up any more.

  5. I’m positive PMC has nailed it. The biggest proof is the 3 slanted gable houses. The one with the red roof was in disrepair and had several complaints filed against it in 2012. It was sold and several permits for remodel were issued. Someone fixed it up and put it up on the market, you can see that in streetview.

    Also, in the original pic, you can make out a window in the upper floor of the 2nd slant gable house.

    The house on the near side of the red roof house is spot on identical when comparing between the original and streetview.

    Finally, the original house on the corner matches up perfectly with the current view. Someone added a porch but the windows top and bottom are the same. The side door is barely visible in streetview, but you can see the door light, and the elevation of the lot above the street matches.

    Well done PMC!

  6. I agree that PMC is correct. I rode by on my way to work this morning and took a closer look. All of the houses are pretty well-shrouded in shrubs and trees making it a little tricky to compare, but I have a couple of observations.

    Robert is right about the side door on Rodney — it’s a match. Also, the fourth house in clinches it for me. You can’t see it on street view, but the deep-set porch on the left-hand side, the dormer, the bump-out window, and even the concrete steps (now bricked-over) all look the same.

    Houses 2-3 don’t match well but I suspect in 57 or so years things change. The 2nd, blue house, seems like it might have been torn down or altered beyond recognition. And the third brown house looks like a porch was added.

    If anyone is counting votes, put me down for “Rodney and Ivy”. Thanks to PMC for a good job!

  7. That’s a Schwinn Hollywood bike. I have one like it but mine was blue and white. I still have mine, repainted all white – vintage 1959.

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