6 thoughts on “SW Barbur Boulevard, 1935

  1. Glad they had that safety rail.

    But seriously, there’s the inevitable question of where this was shot. Not much information in the photo. There are no houses to be seen and it looks like Barbur isn’t paved(?) in this photo. But a previous VP post is at the same site http://tinyurl.com/yb93s3r2. And a photo in the comments there http://tinyurl.com/y7rvg3cj shows the same contractor shack at the lower left. So the location of today’s is just south of Hamilton and Barbur.

  2. It appears that today’s photo is of a different site than the photos that VP presented us in March – April. Note the position of the stack of shoring timbers in today’s photo is to the right of the shed, looking uphill. In the previous photos, the timbers were stored to the left of the shed. The earlier shed was directly over the tunnel, today’s photo has it to the left of the opening. The general topography of today’s site looks less steep than the earlier site. Does anyone have a guess of the location for today’s photo?

    The concept of putting in the roadway before putting in the drainage features seems very strange. Perhaps they were under a very tight schedule to get the roadway in and didn’t have time to do the drainage first? The cost of tunneling had to be much higher, even when paying the low depression era wages than building a culvert before the roadway was filled. By this time, Portland had already had a lot of experience with the results of drainage problems in the West Hills area.

  3. Could this be near the curve on Barbur Blvd. near the present-day Rasmussen Village Apartments? When I was a boy growing up in SW Portland in the 1950s we always drove out Barbur from downtown, and I often marveled at the Rasmussen Village Apartments built out there on the forested hillside right off Barbur, surrounded by woods and seemingly so near, yet separate, from the busy city so nearby. Does anyone know when those apts. were built? They’ve always had such a 1930s look. I notice on GoogleEarth that the old Singer Market just up Barbur is still there, now named Swan Mart. In the 1950s it was right at that intersection driving into town from the south that you really entered the busy city after driving the woodsy corridor of Barbur from Hillsdale.

  4. That tunnel is shown on current sewer maps. Actually, its not a tunnel any longer. The tunnel was backfilled after a pipe installed.

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