16 thoughts on “Banfield Freeway, 1956

  1. Anybody remember the old on ramp where you were heading northbound on 82nd Ave and you would turn onto the tight loop, go up and link up with Halsey St, the then drop down onto west bound Banfield? I think they took it out late eighties.

  2. I grew up just west of this scene at 76th and NE Broadway. The freeway pretty much wiped out our playground. The railroad entered a deep cut east bound from Sullivan’s Gulch at 67th and Halsey in order to pass the southern shoulder of Rocky Butte. The freeway widened that cut. Until then the embankment behind the shop buildings we see here extended almost to the railroad tracks ending in a steep bank. The land area now occupied by the freeway hosted a 4 to 6 car team track that was served from a switch east of 82nd at the site of the Mount Hood Railroad Junction. The team track was well patronized by auto dealers and construction and building material companies for unloading new cars and materials. Scoopmobile also loaded from this site on occasion. Another switch just west of the Halsey on ramp pictured here, served the Montevilla Ice and Coal Co and Lockwood”s planing mill at 76th and Broadway.
    Looking down Halsey on the left we see the Batesville Casket Factory in the second very light colored building at 78th .

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