12 thoughts on “SE Woodstock Boulevard, 1951

  1. Okay, I feel old. Is this what things looked like the year I was born? If anyone answers, please be polite.

  2. This was back when Portland used to engage in the quaint practice known as “road maintenance.” 😛

  3. Removing the tracks before paving would have eliminated the high crown that remains in all Portland streets that had streetcars ~

  4. It really doesn’t look too much different that when I was on a paving crew in the early-1980s – except, of course, for the complete lack of hard hats and safety vests.

  5. Hey Drew, I was born only a few years after you, so I’m right there with ya, on that feeling old stuff.

  6. Why can I never find the actual location of these Woodstock repaving photos? Have that many original Woodstock houses been demolished in the past 60 years?

  7. This photo invoked memories of the street cleaners in the 1950’s that used to come around. Anybody remember them?
    First there was a water truck that washed the debris toward the curb. It was followed by men with push brooms who would sweep the debris into small piles. That was followed by a slow moving dump truck with a man standing on a little platform on the back where he would scoop up each pile and toss it into the dump truck. Most of the time he could stay on the platform, but once in a while he had to jump off to reach a scoop, then run and jump back on the platform.

  8. JohnH, I remember seeing that when I was a small child. I wouldn’t have remembered it if you hadn’t mentioned it. Thanks!

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