17 thoughts on “SE 99th Avenue, circa 1969

  1. I go past there all the time. I always thought it was crazy that they’re still in business, given the location. Clearly they’ve added on to the office building, but the rest of the hotel looks the same.

  2. Before zip codes, addresses in cities were divided into zones to expedite delivery. I would wager that today’s zip code would be 97216. By the way, when I was young, this was the type of roadside motels we stayed in on our biannual drives to Arkansas. No reservations—we just stopped and asked if they had room. If they did—great, if not, we just drove to the next one.

  3. As I recall, the postal zone system was replaced by zip codes around 1962, so the circa 1969 date may not be correct.

  4. Reply to Edge Lord, my guess would be between 1945 through 1952. Common popular building styles of the time would be the introduction of picture windows, no overhangs on the eve’s or rake, the horizontal division of the fixed windows in the office dormers, these were all popular for the time, the building style shares some similarities with the construction of the structures at Van Port.

  5. Vaguely remember this vestige of way pre-I-205. Cedar shakes and tiny spaces. I think it was the forerunner of several much newer and larger but still pretty low end motels closer to I-205.
    Thanks for the image post!

  6. Now I know where mom and dad stayed those many years ago when they went back up to Portland every year to visit all the relatives — many of whom lived in our old Montavilla neighborhood. They always told us they stayed in the Montavilla Motel, and here’s a photo that dates from the time when they were making those annual trips. Neato!

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