7 thoughts on “Unthank Park, 1971

  1. Wikipedia has an interesting article about the African-American physician, DeNorval Unthank (1899-1977) for whom the park is named. Among other things, it says:

    “In 1969, the city of Portland dedicated a park on North Shaver Street to Dr. Unthank in commemoration of his years of activism in humanitarian efforts. He was at that time the only living Portland citizen to have such a space named after him, and he is still the only physician to have been so honored.”

    I was curious about the surname “Unthank” and found this about it — hope it’s appropriate to include it here:
    “English: habitational name for someone from places called Unthank in Cumbria and Northumberland, so named from Old English unthanc ‘without consent’, i.e. a squatter’s holding.”
    Source: https://www.ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=unthank

  2. Greetings Vintage Portland,

    We lived at 24 SW Hamilton St at Barber Blvd during WWII in a house our great grandparents, the Finns from Ireland built ca 1905 – they also built the adjacent 32 SW Hamilton St, where our mother was born in 1915. My sister & I would walk to “Michael’s” store, located at Corbet Ave south of Hamilton. We are writing a story about growing up during WWII, seeking information and photos of Michael’s store, which as I recall was reminiscent of grocery stores in Ireland we visited a few years ago. There were dark wooden floors, lots of merchandise hanging on the walls and on shelves, big barrels here & there filled with food and merchandise – pickles of course – and a card game going on in the back, brass spittoons placed about, with Irishmen calling out on occasion to our mom & Aunt Gerchid An’ would ye be bringin us a bucket o’ suds, lass? The Irishmen would give them a penny for their help.

    The photo to the left is of 24 SW Hamilton St with the Finns & others on the porch – this will be the outside cover (with a rough of the back cover information). The other is Esther Finn & granddaughter “Gerchid” our mom’s elder sister in front of 24 & 32 SW Hamilton St, on the Interurban tracks, Portland to Oaks Park & Oregon City, ca 1912 – looking N toward Bancroft St. – The Interurban track area is now Barber Blvd.

    Thank You,

    Phil Broms – 808-397-6279

    PS: Not to put the rush on, though I will be 83 this coming Saturday, eager to get our little book out – probably 40-50 pages with many photos. pb

  3. His son Denorval Unthank (Dee) was the first African American Architectural degree Graduate at the University of Oregon. Last year University of Oregon named a Building after him. He had a very successful Architectural Practice in Eugene and also was a visiting professor at UofO. He died of Liver cancer. I went to Uof O with his son (Pete) who was a great guy but also was taken down by liver complications.

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