8 thoughts on “Merrykhana Parade, 1927

  1. @Kenn when this picture was posted last March, one poster mentioned that “According to the September 19th, 1926 edition of the Klamath News, Mitchell Mfg. was at 44 4 N 4th, corner Couch.” and the theory was that the building behind the parade was at the SW corner of Couch and 4th.

    I believe 4th had Oregon Electric tracks down to Union Station on it at one time. I’m guessing those are the tracks on the parade route.

  2. @igor1882 Wouldn’t Couch be in the NW area? I always think of Couch as being NW. The building in the back of the shot looks very similar to the one that once housed Hung Far Low. Man I loved the upstairs bar when nobody wanted to live in Portland.

  3. @igor1882 here is a YouTube clip that features the building prominently when they were redoing the sign a few years ago. The windows and the upper details of the building look very similar to the one in the picture though the address doesn’t fit.

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