7 thoughts on “Rose Festival Parade, 1909

  1. I note the trees and open space on the the opposite side of the street. Perhaps taken along the South Park Blocks.

  2. those are large elm trees spaced like for a ‘park block’ not sure if it’s the south one

  3. I think Jim is right. Found this in an old city directory. ” Amacher & Beich (Michael Ama¬cher, Frederick Belch), saloon 21» ‘ 4th – J ” It’s pretty cryptic, but seems to say that the saloon was on 4th, which is consistent with courthouse location. And yay for »
    Shattuck School, I attended kindergarten and 1st grade there before we moved.

  4. from photo description on efiles ” Hayes comments that in this 1909 Rose Festival Parade, the Shattuck Public School in this photo are marching southbound on Fourth Street between Salmon and Main.”

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