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  1. There was a wading pool at Cooper Lake Park
    Off 39th street and cooper lake dr in east
    Portland that was fun to go there! Lots of activities
    And fun things for kids!

  2. I just looked on map of Portland and name of park was not
    Cooper Lake Park but Berkeley Park off of 39th
    and Bybee —this was in late 1970’s.

  3. There used to be a wading pool in the park on 82nd Avenue and Washington Street. Those trees make me think that it could be the one. I would walk my little sister down 82nd, she would play in the water, have her lunch and then take a nap right under the trees. It was beautiful there. Sad to say, it’s gone today.

  4. Too many trees for the wading pool at Laurelhurst Park. Christine Jurgensen…that is a sweet story!

  5. Grant Park had a round wading pool on its West side (NE 33rf). This might be looking north toward Knott street, though the slope feels a little steep. I have a few pctures of us as kids, playing there in the 1940’s. It was great, because the “big kids” were not allowed! But then they had Grant’s fabulous “big pool”. Either way, later in that era, we stopped going there because of the “polio scare” that was associated with public pools.

  6. It looks a bit like Creston Park to me. Although it has been a very long time since I was there. Even before 1972.

  7. This brings back memories. When I was a young buck in early to mid 50s in NW Spokane, we would go to the wading pool at Shadle Park. Afterward we would get an ice cream cone at some drive in. Okay, so I am an old fart who cherishes such memories. Sue me!

  8. This one looks like maybe a closer match.
    It’s Berkely Park in SW. Google doesn’t have a view from the other side of the pool, but if you could imaging standing on the other side, looking toward the camera, you would have a slope that is somewhat similar.
    Also, if you spin the Google Streetview around 180 degrees, there is a white house in the background that is a little similar.
    My confidence on this is relatively low. It’s not an exact match, but closer than some of the other images.

  9. Yeah, it’s not Westmoreland. When I played there in the 60’s there were no trees or fence around the wading pool. When I got older, I moved onto the Casting pond( Yuck!) and the tunnel which didn’t exactly enamor me to my parents.

  10. What about Irving Park? I don’t really know it that well, but after strolling around it in streetview, it would seem to have some slopes that could potentially match the image.

  11. Wallace Park at Chapman has a similar pool and slope at the NE Corner of the park. The clearing behind would be the dog park now.

  12. Could be Lents Park. It has a slope and trees like that at the south end off SE Steele St. Used to ride my bike down there around that time. Seems like they had a small kiddie pool next to the bathroom in the park. Looks like the pool might have been turned into a flat concrete play area.

  13. Yes! Kent’s Park. That is the park I commented about earlier. I couldn’t remember the name of the area.

  14. Where ever this pool is, this is a wonderful picture of the children playing, good action and lighting.

  15. Portland Parks and Rec likely built this type of little pool in more than one park. The question is which park is THIS picture from. I still think it is Lents Park on SE 92nd and Steele between Holgate and Foster.

  16. It is a shame the city decided to shut them all down. The Portland city council hasn’t made any good decisions in years.

  17. At first I thought Sellwood Pool where my sis and I swam all the time in the ’50s, but then I realized it was much bigger than this pool. I also think it’s Lents Park, which I recall wading in once. Yes, there were lots of these wading pools in parks all across Portland back in the day. Igor, thanks for showing the current view of Lents Park; the trees and topography seem to match.

  18. This picture is the pool at the playground at Lents park, the wading pool is gone now I think .

  19. @ Bob Trimble

    Lents Park was my first guess as well. I grew up near the park and used to wade in that pool every summer as a kid. My older sister as well in the ’60s. It wasn’t the cleanest pool around, but as little kids having fun and keeping cool during the hot summer, we never worried too much haha.

  20. Ric,
    I was not all that close to Lents Park. I lived way north of Holgate on 92nd, almost to Powell. The park was within bike range, but a bit far to walk. I think Gene K lived off 96th N. of Holgate somewhat…..

  21. The fear of Polio in the early to mid `50’s clamped a lid so many social activities in Portland. None more so than the wading pool and swim centers. Our summers became dry except lawn sprinklers and water fights.

  22. From the Creston Park website…

    Wading Pool Update
    PP&R has closed its wading pools for health and safety reasons, as required by new State of Oregon regulations. In 2002, an inventory and assessment of wading pools was completed. Based on those recommendations, as well as input from maintenance and planning staff, PP&R has identified 17 wading pools for replacement and 7 for elimination. Please read the FAQ for more information.

  23. Kenilworth is out of question. If it were Kenilworth; we are looking due South. We would see the 2 swingsets (old style), the merry-go-round, and we also don’t see any of the IOOF buildings in the S to SW of the picture.

    Kenilworth was ‘our’ park. I walked it every day for 9 years to D. A. Grout Scool. I can give 50+ years’ account of Kenilworth.

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