7 thoughts on “SE 162nd Avenue, 1964

  1. Big domed building used to be a Thriftway. I’m thinking it was called ‘Wally’s Thriftway’ at one time, if I can remember back that far. I do know it was located in the ‘Big Dollar Shopping Center’ that had a awesome sign in the front that was taken down years ago. The sign reminded me of Las Vegas when I was a kid. At the other (west) end was a US National Bank.

  2. Much has changed. Bike lanes. Bigger trees. Thriftway is now “Aaron’s” computers and electronics…

  3. A good friend of my dad’s lived near here. When they widened 162nd they took almost all of his front yard. Looks like a typical wet Portland scene from the 60’s, almost has a noir feel to it.

  4. I might be wrong, but it looks more like 162nd and Taggart. I think Brooklyn is too far south. Maybe the camera was set up on Brooklyn and the picture was taken with a telephoto lens. That would make sense to me, because Taggart is still a fair distance from Division. A telephoto lens would kind of squish it up making it look closer between the two streets.
    The domed building is now Aaron’s on the SW corner of 162nd and Division.

  5. Across from Aaron’s is the Arco gas station and across from that is the Burgerville that sits on property that was the former Lynch elementary school. Watched them tear that beautiful brick building down. Progress.

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