10 thoughts on “Johnson Creek, 1934

  1. Well we know how that turned out, making Johnson Creek run straight and then flood over it’s banks into homes, rather then spread out in to it’s natural flood plain.
    Now the flood plain has been recreated in the vicinity of 112th and Foster and Springwater trail. Very lovely for a good walk or bike ride.

  2. I have heard stories of people pitch forking salmon out of Johnson creek at 45th avenue. Maybe with all the work being done to the stream larger runs will be seen on johnson creek

  3. A friend of my dad’s said he used to catch salmon near Reed College in the 40’s in the creek that flows through the grounds.

  4. Pitchforking salmon was common throughout the region. Our beloved ‘Hydropower, excess immigrants and pollution put an end to that.

  5. Flood plain has been restored at the Johnson Cr MAX stop (the onetime town of Willsburg). There is a nice short interpretive walk there.

  6. The older gentleman holding a bucket in one hand and a ladle in the other is classic; as are the poses of the men with axes over their shoulders. Tough, smokey work in this depression era shot.

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