14 thoughts on “NE Union Avenue, 1929

  1. You are right, Bill. Google street view is a great tool. I love it when an an old building survives amid new construction.

  2. I love the horse drawn wagon. Check out the roofing samples on the side of the building on the right. Some great roofing patterns you rarely see anymore.

  3. Not only is the Jackson Apt (now Union Arms Apts) building still there [on left] but, the building on the [right] opposite side of the street with the striped awning, is still there too (now Vivian Apts and other businesses); this building is on the corner of what is now NE Couch St. and MLK (old NE Union Ave).

  4. ​1929, Union Avenue and East Burnside. Interesting photograph. For me this is the most recent photograph of a horse drawn cart on a Portland street, although as a child in the 1950s, I remember the “horse rings” embedded into the sidewalk concrete. Wonderful photograph. Thank you.

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