14 thoughts on “NW Glisan Street, 1967

  1. Taken from the east side of the *new* I-405 freeway cut. Many of the buildings still remain, including some of those water towers. I think that little gas station is still there too.

  2. The gas station was demolished this year and currently, there is a 35-foot deep hole for a parking garage of a high-rise. The is an existing gas station that is a twin still existing on the corner of SE 20th and Belmont, it is now a Battery outlet.

  3. what is hanging in the center of the photo? too high (+wrong shape) to be a traffic light; plenty of pole-mount streetlights around for illumination (it also looks kinda small). definitely a light of some kind, but for what?

  4. The light is a red flasher activated when the fire apparatus are about to exit the fire house in emergency response.

  5. The Ryder brothers operated Ryder Printing for a number of years–good reputation. Fourteenth Avenue was printers row with several others: Glass-Dahlstrom, Taylor & Company, DynaGraphics and Gann Publishing, they the sole survivors.

  6. That is so close to being great. If the photog had turned to either side, we could have seen the bldgs that got wiped out for 405.

  7. I have wondered for years if William Ryder is still alive.
    He worked for his relatives in Ryder Printing and I raced Jeeps with him.
    I cannot find any information about him.
    I lived in that area from 1970 to 1973.

  8. The Al McCoy Lumber company is visible between 13th and 12th. My great uncle Alton McCoy’s business. He had that whole building except the 5th floor. The Portland Opera I believe was in there at this time.

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