7 thoughts on “NW Glisan Street, 1967

  1. I’d like to see that view 5 years before this when the buildings that were demolished for 405 were still standing. I did a remodel of the half block at 14th and Flanders, one 1/2 block south. Under the existing floor slabs, we found lots of artifacts from the residential neighborhood that existed previous to the commercial structures and a brick-lined well for drinking water from before the city water system was installed.

  2. Great photo in it’s way. Really captures mid 60’s NW Portland at the crossroads between progress and decline. Look at the collection of dinosaurs from Detroit, hardtops, even a 4 door, station wagons. white side wall tires and fender skirts. All collectors items now, Treeless vistas and asbestos siding juxtaposed with the coming endless construction zones here represented by the 405 right of way. Lots to see here.
    Just saying.

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