11 thoughts on “NE Alberta Street, 1959

  1. Just out of curiosity, does anybody know how to grab the ‘street view’ as above only go back a few years to see what was there before the corner was cleared off? I’m wondering if the little gas station and garage behind it were still there until recently.

  2. There was an abandoned lot with a “shack” like this on SE 28th and Pine in the 60’s. We used to play in the shack and pick blackberries along the outside perimeter of the lot. We called it “the oil field”. I always wondered what it was for. It’s been gone and is now an apartment building since the 70’s.

  3. Looks like the buildings were torn down sometime between July 2007 and July 2011.
    You can see them in the 2007 version of Google Street View.

    I moved the perspective around the corner for a better view

  4. Some back story on the gas station. About 10 years ago I was helping a friend dig out his dirt floor basement in order to put in new footings for some posts that would eventually hold up new beams for a remodel on the the main floor of his sagging house. While digging we heard a clink sound on the shovel. Getting down on our hands and knees we uncovered a large, rotten, cloth bag and handfuls of coins. After being sure we had got them all, we took them up to the sink and washed them off. Silver dollars, 50 cent pieces, quarters, dimes and nickels, all going back to the 1870’s. The total came to just under $200. Two odd things: Someone never claimed their stash, and, no coin were newer than 1937.

    Being a confirmed history nerd I went down to records building there in inner SE and looked up all the deed transfers for the house. which of course gave me names and when they lived in the house. I found the sale of the house in 1919 and then again in early 1938. Looking in newspapers and other sources I found that the owner and his wife bought the house in 1919, immediately after the war, in which he had served. He built and opened a gas station and shop on 19th and Alberta, about 1.5 blocks from their house. Fast forward to 1937 when the owner died of a heart attack at work. Within 3 months the house and station are sold by the widow. She disappears off the record. We had the intention to return the coins to the kids, if alive, but they didn’t have children.

    None of the coins were anything special from a collectors standpoint so after a couple of years my friend sold them for silver weight and put the money back into the remodel. He kept two complete sets of coins and gave me one.

    Fun footnote: a few days later, digging in the opposite corner of the basement we dug up an ammo can, hoping to have hit it big we pried it open and found it filled to the brim with crack. Decayed, damp, clumpy crack. We took it to the police station and gave it to them. They laughed and said someone somewhere was out of a sizable stash because it was ruined. They told us to throw it in the garbage. My friend had owned the house for about 8 years at this point. They bought right before Alberta blew up and the house was a total rundown fixer upper. Today the house is back to it’s original glory, with a row of coins sitting on the bookcase in the living room.

  5. Used to buy beer at the “Town Clown” tavern on 18th and Alberta when I was seventeen. This establishment became “Joe’s Place”. Further down Alberta was the “Lighthouse” tavern. My friends who smoked pot in the 80’s would go to the corner of 20th and Alberta to buy “matchboxes” of weed. There would be a “Crip” on one corner and a “Blood” on the other corner. Everybody I hung out with back then smoked. I hated It. Still do.

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