8 thoughts on “SE Woodstock Boulevard, 1951

  1. Looks to be a early Barber Greene patent paver. Sitting astride that machine may seem like a easy job, but, the heat coming off that engine and the asphalt is brutal and I notice the operator is innocent of any hearing protection. The good quality asphalt is probably a blend of aggregate and hot AC30 oil, from the municipal paving plant we have seen photos of here before. This is not a chip seal or patch job. A good honest to God real paving job that is meant to last.

  2. @Lou Lorenzi-Prince.The 595 heavy truck company I was assigned to in France was re – equipped during 1957 with 6X6 10 ton Mack M123 tractors that featured LeRoi 844 cubic inch, gas pot V8s with duel ignition. We very quickly learned not to allow them to come down on compression because if allowed to do so under load they would blow the spark plugs out through the hood. Beginning in 1960 subsequent models were equipped with Cummins V8 diesels and the models I had driven were retrofitted.

    LeRoi made good stationary engines for applications such as air compressors and this paver, but they never really got a foothold in trucking.

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