13 thoughts on “SE Woodstock Boulevard, 1951

  1. I checked the street view to see how it looks today. The changes that have occurred in only a FEW SHORT years are truly amazing! (I say that because I was born in 1951.).

  2. I always assumed that Woodstock was wider than a standard street because it used to have streetcars on it, but these two photos would indicate that Woodstock used to be a narrower street, and the street was widened *after* the streetcars left.

    What was the last year streetcars ran up Woodstock from 52nd to the area in this photo?

  3. I started life at 6007 SE 69th on the corner, used to walk by this building every morning on my way to Arleta Grade school. There use to be a lot where a lady raised Dalhias right behind the house on the left side of this picture on the corner. It was called Doris’s Dalhias, and it was beautiful when it was blooming. The house at the far end of the photo has a big tree there where people coming down Woodstock would hit is when they did not make the corner. Many memories with this picture and the other listed here, Thanks

  4. Ha ha !
    In its day, Scoopmobile had many advantage over its competitors.
    Thats a very early model btw. Using a tower & winch for hoisting & mechanical drive transmission.

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