8 thoughts on “Southwest Hills, 1960

  1. One year later, the Vista Ridge tunnel plan would be unveiled to the public in 1961. It was an ambitious plan that would be synchronized with the widening of Canyon Rd while the first completed tunnel would be used to haul waste material from the excavation of the Stadium Freeway (I-405) construction. This material would be used to fill and level Canyon Road into a 6-lane freeway. The Vista Ridge tunnels are the busiest tunnels in Oregon.

  2. I can see Coolidge Square on the bottom of the photo, left of center. It’s fun to zoom in & pick things out, like the Jefferson/SW 18th traffic circle.

  3. Fascinating photo to be sure. Near the upper right hand you can see the International Rose Test Gardens then above that the tennis courts and what I love, above that at what is now the Japanese Gardens. the still standing buildings and grounds of what was the Zoo. It had just moved to it’s new present spot a year or less before in 1959.

  4. It seems like Canyon Rd/26 is already a 4 lane hwy through the canyon, but what’s the smaller road that parallels it off to the side?

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