Municipal Auto Camp, 1925

Laundry stoves at the Municipal Auto Camp at N Albina Avenue and Portland Boulevard, 1925. For another image of the camp, click here.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-045.841.


View this image in Efiles by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “Municipal Auto Camp, 1925

  1. Hi, Were the people staying in these municipal camps from elsewhere and they were traveling? They surely didn’t live here year round…it wasn’t post-stock market crash, after all. Thanks for the pix. Barbara

  2. A laundry stove is much like a regular potbelly woodstove, excepting its top and removable plates is considerably larger Its optimised for heating large cauldrons or washtubs. Also, when its plates are put back in, its oversize top can help drying clothes by laying them flat on the cast iron top and flipping them over frequently.
    Obviously, one would have to be careful doing that after stove fire was out but still quite warm or carefully managing a very low fire.

  3. Dave J: “I’ve got a set of keys to site no. 28 from the west side auto camp.”

    That’s great Dave! The city has been looking for those. You’ve surely lost your security deposit and with interest, you probably owe the city in the neighborhood of $23,367.
    Portland’s Office of Management and Finance will be in contact. 😀

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