12 thoughts on “Municipal Auto Camp, 1925

  1. That’s an old Tin Type 3 dial manufactured gas meter there in the front. It would have been Portland Gas and Coke at the time. Later became Northwest Natural Gas.

  2. My my, all that trash on the ground. No wonder they are so happy, they don’t have to pick any of it up because there are no garbage cans to put it in.

  3. It’s an early SOLV meeting, and they’re devising a strategy to clean up all that litter on the ground…

  4. They started out free and then people started taking advantage of that and over extending their stays. So they started to charge to camp. Supplanted by Motels.

  5. This concept should be brought back to accommodate folks otherwise camping all over Portland. If we notice the litter & trash in this photo, Just think of mountains of trash they would leave today.

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