Creston School, 1952

Square dancing at Creston School, 1952. Noted on the back of the image, “Square dancing goes on the entire year. A square dance jamboree will finish off the two weeks summer festival at Washington park, August 9-24.”


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2001-045.630.


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5 thoughts on “Creston School, 1952

  1. interesting the photographer drew on the photo to ‘define’ blurry parts… that sort of thing went out of fashion over a decade before this shot. must’ve been an old timer.

  2. Again, my nostalgia kicks in. I took square dance lessons in junior high school—they were free. Dorky? Perhaps, but it was one of the limited numbers of social interaction in my small mining town.

  3. Although the dance is at a school, most of the dancers look older than “school aged.” It must have been used as a community center of sorts?

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