19 thoughts on “Municipal Terminal 3, circa 1924

  1. That is the BNSF Railway Bridge 5.1 in the background. The center swing span was replaced by the current lift span in 1989.

  2. I wonder what that thing is across the river. Looks like some sort of pier. Standard Oil company and Union Oil company had facilities across the river at the time.

  3. There is a whole swarm of old pilings in that area which you see when crossing the railroad bridge looking southeast.

  4. This is not “Municipal Terminal 3”. This is the location of the former St. Johns Dry Docks, which were in place until 1953 when they were relocated to Swan Island. The City of Portland’s Municipal Terminal No. 3 was located on the east side of the river at the foot of the St. Johns Bridge. It was removed to make way for the bridge’s construction.

  5. Isn’t this looking from the St. John’s side of the river? The hills in the background suggest so. We should be looking towards downtown.

  6. i’m curious how ‘dry docks’ can have open framework piers… how did they keep the water out? i see no gates, either. the foregorund
    dock, perhaps – but i swear i see daylight in a few places that should be watertight.

  7. never mind – they’re marine railways. i finally spotted a winch house with a spool of cable at the bow of the farthest ship. i guess the other must be by the crowd of men. so hauled OUT of the water, rather than the water being drained.

  8. wl, the farther ship is in a floating drydock. You can see the near side of the drydock next to the ship. You can see the rudder out of the water. The nearer ship may be over a drydock that is submerged– I can’t tell.

  9. @Chris M. The old cooperage, later to be the site of Western Homes, prefab home builder, is just out of frame to the right, The fore ground property would become the Baxter wood treating site to the left and the lumber yard for first the cooperage and then Western Homes center frame.

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