11 thoughts on “Water Bureau , circa 1910

  1. looks like he is inside the gatehouse of washington park reservoir… windows and the iron stairwell match. was in there a few years ago – nothing much left but the railing and a few of the valve stands.

  2. Or maybe the building at 60th & Division. But then again, those 2 buildings look to be exactly the same.

  3. I’m wondering why the paint is peeling off the walls in 1910? wasn’t that a brand new building in 1890? Hope no lead got into the water!

  4. Well.. the big water bureau events of 1910/11 were the construction of reservoirs 5 and 6. If you search through efiles, this photo is located within a bunch of other photos of the construction. That said, the building here doesn’t look very new (as previously pointed out).
    It is still possible that this had something to do with the construction.
    My guess based on the apparent age of the building and construction during this time period would be that it was taken from within the gatehouse at reservoir 1 which was built in 1894.

  5. LOVE the design on the wall – probably a stencil not wallpaper. The whole scene looks like a mad scientist’s lab, complete with tinfoil hat!

  6. Interesting the failing paintwork. I suspect was quite humid inside there. Paint of any kind those days would not hold up to that. Also, Possibly not heated excepting to prevent freezing on rare occasion temperature really dipped low.

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