16 thoughts on “Municipal Terminals, 1924

  1. Remember the ships tied up to and parallel to the building, bows to Front Street, sterns to the channel ~

  2. I also admire the strength of the truss work, imagine the weight of a small amount of snow on this low pitch roof.
    There are also some nice wood trusses in old auto repair shops, check the back section of Powells on Hawthorne and another in the same block facing west. There may still be one about 32nd and Hawthorne.

  3. What is unclear here is whether this hemp is being imported or exported from this location. I suspect it is being imported but not certain. During the period here depicted and through the end of WW2 hemp was extensively used for cordage (rope) canvas and fabrics favored by the military. Also woven in combination with other fibers to make gunny sacks, roofing, and carpet backing here locally. The hysteria attending cannabis to which family the hemp plant belongs culminating in the passage of The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 curtailed the use of this fiber after 1945. It seems to be making something of a comeback.

  4. Interesting numbering system on the trusses: 1, 3A (not 2), 3, 5A (not 4), 5 ….. Why is that? Or are the even numbers on the other side of the building?

  5. Thanks for the Hemp video, Chris. The mechanized harvesting, processing and production machinery shown here is pretty cool stuff; took a lot of the back breaking toil out of this work.

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