15 thoughts on “Ross Island, 1912

  1. I know it’s hard to post something here that has not already been posted but this map has been on this site before. Sort of disappointing

  2. Thanks for this posting. I had wondered for years what Ross Island looked like before most of it was mined for gravel.I am glad we have what we still have there.

  3. Love the print today on about Ross Island does anybody remember and the early 70s the future development back then my stepdad said we were going to live there they’re going to put a Housing Development there the sign was in Sellwood side , very early 70s

  4. Also to add if I heard right Ross Island save money to fill that back in it’s going to take I think 20 years or more that’s what I heard it’d be nice to turn it into a parking like originally planned

  5. Has anybody floated the idea of filling the lagoon with house boats for the homeless? It could be a community on the water for those who have nowhere to live.

  6. I have heard there was once a natatorium at the northern tip of the island. Think I saw a picture, but was difficult to see exactly where it was.

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