8 thoughts on “Oregon City, circa 1858

  1. I always liked the Native American legend how the falls were created:
    “Let’s make a waterfall across the river,” said Meadowlark to Coyote. So they made a rope by twisting together young hazel shoots. Holding one end Meadowlark went to one side of the river. Coyote stayed on the other side. Carrying the rope between them they went down the river to a place where Oregon City is today. They stopped and Meadowlark said, “Let’s make it here.”

  2. The prominence the artist lent to the stumps in his drawing serve as metaphor to the future of this scene. For the next 100 years from 1858, the production of stumps would fuel the changes to the scene depicted and the ensuing cycles of prosperity and decline, whether he intended or not. Accidental irony or……

  3. I bought a Kindle so I can read those Gaston books. Otherwise have to buy them and they are not cheap. Billy…Kind of like when Oregon field guide does a segment on Hanford. I’m thinking “i thought Hanford was in Washington”. But then I like cold toilet seats.

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