City Officials, 1949

Auditor Will Gibson swearing in Mayor Dorothy McCullough Lee and Commissioners William A. Bowes, Fred L. Peterson, and Ormond R. Bean, 1949.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2005-005.261.759.


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5 thoughts on “City Officials, 1949

  1. There’s Dorothy McCullough Lee, Portland’s first woman mayor and only the 2nd female mayor of a big city, being sworn into office on Jan. 1, 1949. “Do Good Dottie” and “Dauntless Dottie,” as she was sometimes referred to, really shook up Portland’s establishment after her election and established quite a name for herself! She came into office with lots of political experience both in Portland and Salem. Great choice for a historical photo on the day after International Women’s Day!

  2. Dorothy had a great 2 point program. 1 – get rid of the Hookers on Broadway. She did there hasn’t been a Hooker in Portland since she left office!!. 2 clean the city oft those nasty pin ball machines. She had city & county police remove the machines from the Elk Lodges, Moose Halls, Police Athletic building and basement of city hall. Great Job Dorothy ??

  3. @ron & cynthia . Where exactly is this land of light and sunshine of which you speak. One wonders.
    No offense intended.

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