20 thoughts on “W Burnside Street, 1956

  1. OMG! In a very short distance: Ford, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Oldsmobile, Buick and Studebaker. (I remember when most car dealers would have a few new cars on display and people would then order a car with the options they wanted.). Today, a dealer has literally scores of new cars on the lot.

  2. OMG! In a short distance: Ford, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Oldsmobile, Buick and Studebaker. I remember when dealers had only a few new cars on display and people would then order a car with the desired options. Now cars lots are filled with scores of cars.

  3. The original Portland Auto Row. Then they moved to MLK. After the riots they moved out to the suburbs.

  4. I like Henry’s Tavern. They’ve done a nice job of preserving part of the old Blitz-Weinhard Brewery with the smokestack and the history. I still remember some of those old commercials on tv that were funny.

  5. for a minute i thought barry’d lost his dang mind… i didn’t see a vw anywhere! then i realized he was talking dealerships.

    riots? did the albina riot make it to w. burnside?

  6. When they tore down the tiled building on the corner to build the brewery blocks, I took home a few of the blue tiles to decorate my garden. And I remember when the brewing smells (malt?) wafted all over what they now call the West End.

  7. Wow! Does that bring back memories! Had forgotten about the Burnside auto row. Now I’m waiting for pictures that show the Blue Mouse, the Original Coney Island, London Boot Shop, and other spots from the late 40;s and 50’s that we youngsters went to. I’ve some pictures of general PDX areas that I’d be glad to contribute that aren’t in any historical site but probably should be, ranging from early 1900’s into the 50’s. Even have a few of Oregon Journal Junior get-togethers (didn’t they meet on Saturdays at the theater on Grand near the Morrison Bridge (Orpheum?) I’d be glad to scan them and pass them on to a historical society, who?

  8. wl, Greg said after the dealerships were on MLK for awhile then there were riots then they moved to the suburbs.

  9. i saw what greg wrote; my question is what riots? 67 and 69 were in albina; 1970 was a police riot on the park blocks. were there riots on burnside that would convince a business it was time to move? i wasn’t here then, so would be interested to hear of them.
    i’d bet it was more a symptom of property values, or urban-to-suburban and economic trends in america overall at that time that caused a move, rather than a riot.

  10. When I worked in the Standard Insurance Center in the 1980s, I hated coming out of the air conditioning on the hottest days–the wind was always out of the northwest, and all I could smell was the brewery.

  11. I had friends who worked there. Always heard one could drink a few on the line or maybe in the lunch room. I heard that from more than person.

  12. I have seen an old picture of men in the lunchroom of a brewery (I believe it was Henry’s) with steins of beer on the table. My teacher’s staff room never had that!

  13. I grew up on the east side in the mid ’60’s, living and breathing everything automobile, after the Tonkin brothers and the like set up having migrated from this photo, to 82nd and beyond.
    At 13, getting to sit in a ‘showroomed’ 1967 Corvette made my year…

  14. “It’s as easy as A.B. Smith” the radio jingle for AB Smith Chevrolet. Bought a 1972 Ford Maverick from Joe Fisher, the successor of Wolfard. V-8, stick on the floor, bucket seats; custom order, delivered: $2500.00

    Oh ya, I’d love to have a Blitz beer “from the west’s oldest brewery”… in 1972, also, a 6 pack was $1.25; Bavarian dark was $1.35…

  15. Ron,
    Could that have been a Maverick Grabber? I remember when the Maverick first rolled out in 1970 the base 6 cyl sticker was $1995 and the heater was an option for about $20.00 more. It had no glovebox, just a shelf. The glove box was added a year or two later for $8-$9 more.

  16. Would love old photos of dealerships along the old West Burnside auto row, also the old Blue Mouse theater! And old Oregon Journal building along SW Front Street. Any photos of the big, old Montgomery Ward store that was up in the NW part of Portland?

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