16 thoughts on “N Vancouver Avenue, 1963

  1. 1953 Chevrolet, 55 or 56 (I think) Ford, mid 50s De Soto (remember those?). Cars today are probably safer with all safety features but those cars were made of steel, not plastic.

  2. Wow. I haven’t driven on Vancouver for a long time. It’s all changed now, that big beautiful house is gone, although there are a few others left amidst all the development.

  3. The Chevrolet is a 1954, the Ford Mainline Ranch Wagon is either a 1952 or 1953 and ahead of that is a 1956 Dodge.

    According to Google Street View nothing there looks the same now.

  4. I believe this is the current day view. The Cotton Club was located in the light green building on the right:

    From Wikipedia regarding The Cotton Club: “The Cotton Club was a nightclub located in North Portland, Oregon. Located at 2125 N. Vancouver Avenue (and N. Tillamook Street), the club gained regional (and a bit of national) fame in the 1960s as the “only nightclub on the West Coast with wall-to-wall soul.” Celebrities such as Cab Calloway, Sammy Davis, Jr., Cass Elliot, the Kingston Trio, Joe Louis, and Archie Moore would visit the nightclub when they were in town.”

  5. I was only at the Cotton Club one time in 1964 or 1965 but was a semi-regular during that time at a place I remember being called Johny Held’s The Theme. Have I got that name right?

  6. Regarding KKs comment: I don’t believe three phase power is or has been allowed in residential structures…but then, maybe..

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