6 thoughts on “SE 67th Avenue, 1971

  1. The front porch charm probably got the attention of photographer in 1971. Unfortunately, with the remodels, the components that once gave this bungalow a second look are now gone. Subtraction by addition.

  2. I own this house. While doing a bit of research at Portland Archives and Record Center, I stumbled upon this picture along with a few others. The photographer of this picture worked for the city at the time. The owners wanted to sell 1/2 of their plot of land so another house could be built (currently, our next door neighbor). A few neighbors did not want this sale to go through, as they thought it would make the neighborhood look over crowded. So they wrote and complained to the city, who investigated the house and plot of land and took these photographs. Love having them! But I have to disagree with the above comment from Jeff– the additions (i.e. the only legal and functioning bedroom) have provided our 1913 house with an updated bathroom, bedroom and functional layout. I still think its pretty cute 🙂

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