29 thoughts on “SE 87th Avenue, circa 1958

  1. The funniest thing — I looked up the school’s address, and then plugged that into a search, which resulted in a Zillow listing for the school —

    “2225 SE 87th Ave, Portland, OR is a single family home that contains 91,700 sq ft and was built in 1950. ”


    I wonder how many other 91,000 sq ft single family homes Zillow thinks exist? There IS a nice aerial view of the school and surroundings on the Zillow site, though.

  2. Now named Harrison Park School, I believe. The Zillow site lists the property taxes in 2011 as $0. 91,000 sq ft home that paid zero taxes? That’s the place for me. What a coup!

  3. Built in 1950, lottsa old school charm, large kitchen and dinning room. 20 bathrooms, Big yard. Plenty of parking….

  4. Good one Jeff. But we didn’t figure out what the targets on the playground are. I went to school in Portland in the 1950s and we sure didn’t have those on our playground.

  5. The smaller circles might be for what was once known as “tetherball”. The larger ones – I’m guessing crop circles.

  6. Also notable are what appear to be extensive gardens behind some of the houses on 87th toward the bottom of the photo. Almost seems semi-rural.

  7. Did a google image search with the following ” 1950’s play ground games circles” Looks lok the smaller circles could have been for marbles games. Tetherball had no need for a painted circle. Can’t figure out what the large circles were for.

  8. I too am impressed by the many serious gardens in the neighborhood. A few years before, this was the very edge of the city. Those may have been mini-farms growing produce to be sold in the city.

  9. I was born in 1951 on 85th st, right across the street from Binnsmead School. I can’t seem to locate our house. It was about 5 down from Division St. There was an ice
    cream parlor on the corner across Division. Can someone help me with the map/picture?

  10. According to Google my house is the blue house with the little hedge along the walkway. My Dad planted it, and we had 2 plum trees in the front yard and roses. The upstairs wasn’t finished. My Dad finished it.

  11. And the school is gone now since all it shows it the track field for the defunct Marshall High School and next to it is the movie theater and Walmart.

  12. The circles are from sprinklers or the drains that were located all over the park except under the area where the ball fields were. We ran into those when trying to do landscaping and relieve the drainage problems. By we I mean the Mt Tabor Little League.

  13. Organised circle games were popular during that timeframe. Albeit maybe outside typical students age if this were strictly a middle school at that time…
    A whole classroom or two would stand in a circle. Different size rings accommodate number of players. Sometimes a square dance of some kind or various ball games played teams. Inner ring-vs-outer ring scheme for example.

  14. My address was 2441 se 85th. The school was K-8 in 58. I learned to ride my bicycle on the playground. Born in 51 in that house. Had my 1st day of kindergarten in 1955. Parents bought the house in 1937 as newlyweds. The park was at the end of our street. The neighborhood was filled with fruit and nut trees. And tes, it was somewhat rural at the time. But still a part of Portland. My Dad was a firefighter at the Portland FD. They were required at that time to reside within the city limits.

  15. For the circle uses I’ve found a couple games. One is a clock game called Cat & Mouse. The other is a beanbag toss target game. Also possibly used for dodgeball to keep the tightening circle true as the participants dwindled.

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