9 thoughts on “Jantzen Beach, 1964

  1. A friend of mines dad was mailman and the postal employees had an annual picnic at Jantzen Beach. I went a few times with my friend and it was a blast. All the rides were free and I must have rode the roller coaster 10 or 15 times in one day. The arcade area was fun too.

  2. I know this is unrelated to the thread but I must say I was kinda shocked at the Fishel’s building (E. end of Burnside Bridge) has now disappeared.
    I saw it coming a while ago. I was commuting on the trolley tonight and suddenly BOOF- big empty space as we crossed E Burnside heading south on MLK.
    But the Towne Paper building is still there!
    I seem to recall there was a Winchell’s south of the Union Arms Apts., which became Ararrat Restaurant…

    Sincerely, Billy

  3. The city of Portland has become a whore to real estate developers. Their lip service to history is and sustainable living ls just that and by 2050 Portland will be nothing but 20-30 or more story buildings with people living in 300 square foot apartments like rats in a cage except for the rich. And the Antifa’s and other groups are too stupid to realize they are being used as as tool to further the goals of the rich and powerful. While the concentration is on them the powers slip in whatever they want laughing all the way at these idiots. It is coming in the name of progress. Mark my words it will come to pass.

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