8 thoughts on “NE 37th Avenue, 1962

  1. The prominent house in the photograph was constructed just a few years before this photo. It was designed and built by legendary builder/designer Ken Birkemeier. This house sits at the northwest corner of a pod of maybe 8 or 9 other Birkemeier houses. Birkemeir houses can always be distinguished from other “Atomic Ranch” houses by their intricate and artful use of brick. Birkemeier’s head mason, Frank Snelling, stayed with the builder almost his entire career.

  2. Not enough pollution with these yield signs, replaced with stop signs even if obvious no other vehicles in the immediate area.~

  3. I think in tje 70’s if my memory is correct. They had the pickup times presumably for people who needed their mail to be quickly processed. The ones one main streets had more frequent pickup.

  4. The mailbox in the picture may have been a relay dropbox. Those are green. The ones that you can use for sending mail are blue. The green boxes are used as pick up points for the postal workers who walk their route. I think there are some still in use.

    Here is another comment about the picture. There is a lady kneeling on the grass of the Berkemeir house. If you use the current street view embedded above, you can move closer to the house and see that there is now a door leading to, I assume, the basement right where she is kneeling. It just stuck me funny that maybe she isn’t weeding, but digging down to put in the door.

    If you go to google maps and select the oldest street view, the door is much easier to see.

  5. Jack, interesting comments on the builder, thanks. Looks like the transom windows were added later since it looks like the older picture had sash windows on the north face anyway. What’s the deal with the faux roof on the north? Looks like it was some architect’s folly of some kind…

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