7 thoughts on “The Columbia River Gorge, 1936

  1. Not sure of the location in this picture but it doesn’t matter: I love the gorge. Looking forward to my getaway to Multnomah Falls and Hood River the end of the month.

  2. This is looking at the site of the future Bonneville Dam. On the right side (center) is Hamilton Island and in the upper right is Bradford Island (where Bonneville Dam is today). You can see some construction and what looks like two cofferdams on either side of where the powerhouse will be built on the south side of Bradford Island.

    Judging by the very early state of construction I’d say this is closer to 1934 than 1936 (construction ran between 1934 and its opening in 1937).

  3. @Brian: I had the same thought. What confuses me is I can’t see the Cascade Locks Canal though I’m not exactly sure where the old canal is. I’ve seen photos of it so I’m pretty sure it still exists but I can’t spot it on satellite view.

  4. Note the river used to freeze over some winters before the dam, as well. I’ve read stories of folks walking, riding horse, etc. between Portland and Vancouver before Bonneville went in.

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