Benson Polytechnic High School, 1947

Aerial of Buckman Field Park and Benson Polytechnic High School near Sullivan’s Gulch, 1947. The Lloyd Golf Course Clubhouse and driving range are just north of the high school. This building was just recently torn down.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2005-005.1480.5.


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20 thoughts on “Benson Polytechnic High School, 1947

  1. To the far right, there appears to be severely damaged buildings and debris in the street. Does anybody know what that’s about? Massive fire that spread to both sides of the street?

  2. Great shot of the ‘Olsen Storage’ sign at very bottom (NE 16th and Sandy Blvd). Somebody had asked about that few weeks back.

  3. The rectangular pit at top center was the excavation for the never-completed Lloyd hotel. In the early 1950s, part of the pit was equipped with bleachers and a revolving stage, named the Holladay Bowl. It hosted about 6 summer seasons of operetta performances.

  4. The club house being demolished is what they mention in the comments by the person posting. The “super highway” would go in in a few yrs. spelling the end for the golf course. A few yrs. ago I ran across an Oregonian article about the fact that the super highway tax measure referred to voters had been rejected.

  5. @Jim. Wild guess here but I think that may have been site preparation for the Jantzen expansion. The snow cover makes it look like a disaster.
    That well trodden short cut from the Sandy/Halsey bus stop at Lyman Slack Chevrolet that brought one up behind the field house gave me a chuckle. That was the last refuge to grab a smoke before home room.

  6. For the Benson people:
    I couldn’t figure out what the structures between the E wing and the main part of the school were. Now I see that is where they filled in with the “new gym” later on.

  7. I spent my freshman year there, 1967-68. I had the same machine shop teacher, Mr. Caspar, as my dad. We used to exchange stories about him. Amazing thing is, Mr. Caspar could remember my dad, class of 1946, if I remember right.

  8. There were some spectacular old houses for quite a few blocks around the Holladay Park area. I’d would have loved to check out those two large, towered Victorians in the block two blocks west from Holladay Park. Some of those lost grand houses were poorly documented.

  9. I do not believe I-84 was ever called super highway, that title was bestowed on 99 from Portland to Oregon City as the first four lane in the state.

  10. Greer Caspar! Benson was blessed with many shop teachers of the old school who came respectively from their crafts…Alfred Stiff in automotive; Bill Nichols in aviation; and my dear friend, Howard Jones in printing…oh ya, Danny Cole in sheet metal…

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