6 thoughts on “Multnomah Falls, 1936

  1. Multnomah Falls is one of my favorite places. I always feel refreshed after visiting there. Trip planned for February 28: drive to the falls for lunch and then on to Hood River for an overnight stay on the river. A short getaway to recharge my batteries!

  2. What a great shot. They’ve done a wonderful job of preserving the highway and the lodge. You can see the Larch Mtn trail zig zagging up the side of the hill on the left. The RR and auto bridges over Multnomah Creek are still intact. By 1936, the highway was already being overwhelmed with growing numbers of faster trucks and cars and the planning of the ‘water level’ bypass was in the works.
    I was out at Multnomah Falls 5 days ago and some of the historic highway and trails to the east were still fenced off from the fire.

  3. I wonder if that railway bridge is replaced yet. Last time there it was awesome under it when a trail went overhead. It sagged about 1.5″ as each car passed. Sometime around ’92 a number of loose rivets were replaced, But the whole thing needed a refurbish at least…

  4. I’m glad to hear that people are still getting up there and patronizing the businesses that need tourists to visit for their survival. The fire has impacted local businesses significantly, and it’s going to be a while before it all comes back – so thanks, Barry and Jeff!

  5. Sometime in the 70’s I was working as a construction Laborer and we had to use shovels to move sand up a track leading to water tank for fire protection.
    At least we were able to use Georgia buckets to get it up to the start of the manual part. Doing it by hand was demanded by environmentalists. Would have been a thousand times lower cost to dump by helicopter.

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