10 thoughts on “Duniway Park, 1934

  1. Lots to see in this photo. I noticed the gardens in the yards of the houses in the lower portion of this photo. I also wonder if the workers in the park were WPA workers? You can just make out the NRA (National Recovery Act) blue eagle on the side of a building in the distance. All in all, an interesting photo of life in depression era Portland.

  2. Barbur Blvd, all shiny and new. They had a ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct 28 1934 for the new 4 lane highway, which was a big deal back then.

  3. Can someone assist me, please? I have not lived in Portland for over 25 years, so my Portland knowledge is a little shaky. What are the three bridges in the background? Knowing this will help me get my bearings. Thanks. (And while I’m here, I want to thank everyone for their interesting comments on these photos. Following this site helps me keep in touch with my old home city.)

  4. I’d heard that the dirt from the Jefferson tunnels was used to fill Marquam Gulch to get rid of the trestle and build Barbur, but given the dates, that’s not right. Anyone know where all the fill came from?

  5. The fill for the Marquam Gulch was that it was the City dump for South Portland for decades. Not sure about the dirt to top fill.
    The Dirt from the Jefferson tunnels (’66?) was taken from the east and trucked around to the west to ‘Canyon Road” and filled it up to it’s current level. I was living in Goose Hollow at the time and was very aware of the blasting and trucking,

  6. Cynthia is correct. The State Highway Dept. completed the first (Vista Ridge) tunnel in 1967 and used it to haul waste material from the excavation of the Stadium Freeway (I-405) to use as fill in the Canyon Rd construction.

  7. Yes Cynthia! You are correct about the city dump issue to fill for Duniway Park! I didn’t think that many people knew that! I used to be an antique bottle digger in Portland years ago and always dreamed about diggin’ that one!”. I did get some really choice privvy and old well diggin’ when they dug the trench for I-405 during the 70’s. They tore out many of the early property lots for that project That was really primo 19th Century stuff! I still have a lot of that in my collection!

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