11 thoughts on “SE Water Avenue, 1921

  1. Is that Hawthorne? The sidewalk marking looks like it says Columbia, and that doesn’t look like the Hawthorne Bridge to me.

  2. Very good. I keep forgetting to look for street names on the curbs. Definitely at the corner of SW Columbia and SW Water. Around here:

  3. Oh my, I suspect we have something rather special here. Street car #12. Others more skilled at these things will likely tag the early bridge in background and some history on this very, very early car. Thanks for this great photo.

  4. The car is an Oregon Electric Railway interurban. The Red Electric was an entirely different railroad, parented by Southern Pacific, and had all-steel cars with owl-eye portholes on the ends. This car is wooden and probably built by Niles, which is of the types used by the OE in the electric years.

  5. Tim is right on, this is an OE green car not an SP red electric, standing
    near the Jefferson Street station south of the Hawthorne bridge ~

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