E Burnside Street, 1953

E Burnside Street, NE Sandy Boulevard, and 12th Avenue looking east, 1953.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2005-001.587.


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20 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, 1953

  1. Can anyone figure out what that rooftop sign says in the distance on NE Sandy looks like OL—– or something like that.

  2. Intersection has pretty much been erased. Some buildings still remain.The 7up sign still exists (bottle on top still there!). The Sandy Hut is still there. The building in center used to be NW Fitness still there. The building behind it recently came down. It was Caldwell Funeral Home for a long time, they’re building 190 apartment units. The building east of that (Nash sign) is still there, presently Columbia Art. Also massive 6 story apartment complex on 12th and Burnside. Huge infusion of homeless people in this area now.

  3. Mike, the building at that time was occupied by Olsen-Roe Transfer & Storage, owned by Oregon Transfer.

  4. This photo is a real tribute to our love of cars in the early 50’s. Look at all the service stations. So interesting to look back!

  5. The Nash dealer at that time [ 1953 ] was Fred Bauer Motors. It would change to Max Sagner Nash the following year. On Sandy Blvd behind the Standard gasoline station is Marks Motors Studebaker [1338 NE Sandy Blvd ].

  6. Wow. Total car culture — only 3 pedestrians in sight. One person who appears to be waiting for a bus, and two guys in white walking.

  7. It was an interesting intersection to cross, Going east on Burnside in approaching the intersection you were on a hill. It got even more interesting if there was snow or ice.

  8. There is a telephone pole just to the right of motor city. Near the top of the pole on the right side is a strange box hanging from a decorative bracket.
    What is it? Looks like a bird feeder. I don’t think it is a street light. The fancy bracket looks out of place on a telephone pole.

  9. Some of those overhead wires look like there may have been electric trolleybuses? But I’ve never heard that Portland had them. Any thoughts?

  10. thoes cool sings where so cool so sad there gone now we need save our history if ther is no history we can learn history right !

  11. What a nostalgic place that was! Super cheeseburgers, deep dish apple pie, drive in service or dine in. Great teen hang out. Iconic Tik Tok Clock sign. Packed on Friday nights after the games. Maxine Innocenti took her daughter, Carol, and I there for treats often. Glad to see it mentioned here.

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