10 thoughts on “Fire Bureau Milk Fund, 1936

  1. And it seems that their uniforms weren’t taking advantage of the “relatively” modern invention (in 1893) of the zipper.

  2. I think there’s a decent chance that these guys were practicing on a football field that used to exist about where the current Lincoln High field sits, but ran north-south instead of east-west. That might explain the hill line in the background. Also, I think some of the houses in the background may be those that still exist along the 1700 block of SW Madison, just south of the current field. You can see the field to which I am referring at the top center of this other photo from Vintage Portland. It helps to blow the photo up: https://tinyurl.com/y9guqeea

  3. They really don’t match the houses on Madison, nor the houses left on 18th between Main and Madison. Maybe they were the houses across 18th Ave between Salmon and Main that are no longer there.

  4. There were many small dairies in Portland that went out of business when the requirements came in to pasteurize. It was simply unaffordable for them.

  5. Very Portland, Cool guy on the right. Just needs a mask. Already has a hoodie.
    Great idea helping children to drink milk. Even those days, The favoured drink of white supremacy.

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