5 thoughts on “SE Hawthorne Boulevard, 1921

  1. Great photo! This will make for an excellent ‘then and now’ comparison. So the Cochran Cider Co. is where the Bagdad Theater is today. One small observation I had, there is a sign at the curb on the right side of the photo. It is for Associated Gasoline and is right over a small gas pump. Curb service gas sales were common until traditional service stations became common. Likely the business this was in front of was a hardware or auto parts store.

  2. This is just a few blocks from me and just one year or so after my home was built in the “Paradise Springs” area. I love my little home, have lived here for 41 years now. Thank you for posting this photo!

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s right about here. The building where “Cochran Cider Co.” is in this photo is where the Bagdad Theater is today (the building on the SW corner of 37th looks the same).

  4. And on the left, the future site of Nick’s Coney Island tavern in 1935. A landmark of coneys, beer and baseball.

  5. The Sign on the Door was remade as a talkie in 1929, starring Rod La Rocque (great name!) and 22 year old Barbara Stanwyck in her 2nd film role.

    “While Ann and the son of her boss are out on a ship beyond the 12-mile limit, which allows liquor to be consumed, the son, Frank makes unwanted advances towards her. While she is fighting him off, the ship is raided and the passengers herded ashore. Eighteen months later Ann is celebrating her one year anniversary to Lawrence Reagan when her young sister-in-law announces she is in love, and it turns out to be Frank. Ann decides to save her husband’s sister from a fate worse than death, and goes to Frank’s apartment to prevent an elopement. Lawrence also goes to the apartment that night, and everyone is entangled in a crime of passion.”

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