N Killingsworth Street, circa 1942

N Killingsworth Street at N Missouri Avenue looking east, with Chickadee restaurant and Piedmont Cycle Shop in view, circa 1942.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2004-002.7289.


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21 thoughts on “N Killingsworth Street, circa 1942

  1. That whited-out splotch over the guy’s head is odd. Wonder what that’s about?

    So many of these buildings are still standing. I wonder if the houses on the left were removed for the freeway, or if they survived that but later cleared. That stretch is a parking lot for an apartment complex now.

  2. I grew up near there several yrs later and frequented that area. Post the picture the way it was taken and quit messing with history.

  3. Thanks for the great neighborhood photo!
    @Patrick Gillen: In fairness to the person posting this photo, I don’t think they were the one that whited out the billboard shown. I have several photos in my collection that are have the same thing done to them. They were originally used by billboard owners to show the available locations to prospective advertisers. I would have loved to see what was under the whited area though. Including the dude that lost his head to history.. πŸ™‚

  4. Laura, that parking lot is for PCC. As is the parking lot on the other side. They got rid of two decent green spaces, including a honey locust tree on the Jockey Club’s side of the Telephone Exchange Lofts building.

  5. Steven,
    How do you copy the Google Map link and paste it so that the image shows in your post and not just the link? πŸ™‚

  6. Two comments: yes, that looks like a Metro Step-Van; the Oregon Journal had a fleet of them for deliveries.

    Second, I too lived close by (Overlook district) and knew the area well. That small garage on the left side housed an elderly gentleman who had a mint condition model T Ford. He kept it all shined up and parked out front on nice days and it was a real gem.
    Anyone remember this?

  7. Yes Ron. I also came up in the Overlook and delighted in seeing the Model T gent and his period repair garage of tools. Happy memories. The long blocks beyond were the site of huge trolley and later bus barns before the Albertson’s grocery was built.

  8. That’s a 42 Chev. Fleetline on the left there. And yeah there’s no way the poster of this picture was the one who whited out that billboard.

  9. Ron and Bob S I grew up on Church Street just a few houses west of Interstate so this area was my old stomping ground. My friends and I were quite taken with that old car. If we were walking to the Ben Franklin store or the Rexall drug, and the garage door was open, we’d stop by and talk with that old gentleman. He always had a flower in the the car’s vase. Occasionally we would see him driving it. Very happy days for us kids.

  10. To add to my previous comment, on the other side of the Pep Post building was the 1001 Cafe. It was owned by my girlfriends Aunts. I had a jukebox and the jukebox players on the counter and at each booth. Another fantastic wonder in our neighborhood.

  11. You folks have some great memories, I enjoy your comments, always. It’s to bad the pedestrian walking towards the camera on the right isn’t complete – that would have added greatly to an already fine photo of life here.

  12. @mb When in Google Maps street view look for the three vertical dots in the upper left. Click on “Share or Embed image”. In the next window click on “Embed” and then copy the resulting link to paste into a post on this site. After Posting Comment you may have to refresh the page to see the image.

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