SE 67th Avenue, 1971

SE 67th Avenue and SE Center Street, 1971. The address of the house is 4010 SE 67th Avenue.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, View of 4010 SE 67th Ave from SE Center (VZ 83-71), A2011-013, 1971.


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11 thoughts on “SE 67th Avenue, 1971

  1. Also strange is that PortlandMaps says 4010 SE 67th Ave was built in 1913. So, the house in the Google Maps link above existed in 1971… I wonder where that pink house is actually located?

  2. On closer inspection, I now see that it is the same house. The chimney and rear garage all line up, it’s the front that’s changed. It’s been renovated in a terrible way. Sorry for so many posts!

  3. I remember when those fire box’s were all around town, I remember the one on NW Cornell on that sharp curve as it comes down into NW Portland.

  4. I think it could well be the same house—it just looks much different from the front compared to the side view.

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