9 thoughts on “Beaumont School, circa 1950

  1. Teacher/adult group? Middle school/grade school students even in the 50’s didn’t look so adult-ish..

  2. My alma mater, though a little later. The gym still looked the same. Those large panel doors behind the group would separate the gym into two equally sized rooms. You can see the floor track for them in the photo.

  3. Gotta agree with Lauré, here. Beaumont at this point in time was K-8, I believe. No way any of these folks are between 5 and 14 years old.

  4. A possible explanation for the photo of this group of adult amateur badminton enthusiasts at Beaumont School (courtesy of Oregonian archive): Once upon a time, the Portland Bureau of Parks and Recreation used to organize and sponsor badminton competitions and tournaments for adults and school-age youth. The group in this photo are clearly in the adult league. The games were held on various courts around town, but especially at Beaumont from the 1930s thru about 1961 and thereafter at Cleveland HS. Maybe the Parks Bureau still does this? Anyway, it looks like semi-pro badminton tournament players at the MAC club were prime movers in getting this tradition started. I believe that, for a while, badminton contests even qualified as exhibition events at the Olympics.

  5. Vintage Portland,

    Thanks for the ongoing Vintage Portland updates. As a native Portlander, born at St Vincent Hospital, June, 1935, I am quite interested in obtaining a photo or photos, interior and/or exterior, of what was known as Michael’s Store, on Corbett Ave at the foot of Seymour St, near Hamilton St. In the early 1900’s my great grandparents, the Finn’s from Maryboro, County Queen, Ireland, built 2 houses: 24 & 32 SW Hamilton – we lived at 24 (pictured above) from early 1942 to late 1948.

    My mom & sister were born at 32 SW Hamilton. She & her sister went to Michael’s Store as girls. Now and then the Irishers would ask them Lass, would ye be bringin’ us a bucket o’ suds? And then give them a penny or nickel. I need the Michael’s photo for a family album I am writing, called “Hamilton Street, growing up during WWII.”

    Though I now live in Honolulu, though many family members live in the Portland area and will be happy to act as a contact to facilitate business with you, or whomever you may know to be a source for such a Photo. If a ca 1910 Michael’s Store should suddenly appear in the Rose area, there would be a line stretching to the old apple orchard, as Rollie Truitt called Beaver Stadium at 24th & Vaughn. We took in many Sunday double headers during the War Years. Johnny O’Neal, the Beavo’s shortstop, was MVP of the PCL in 1945, when they won the Governor’s Cup. PB


    Phil Broms = 808-397-6279

    HNL 96821

    Vintage Portland posted: “Badnton group at the Beaumont School, circa 1950. View this image in Efiles by clicking here.”

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