Battleship Oregon Memorial Park , 1940

Battleship Oregon Memorial Park at the foot of SW Jefferson Street, 1940.


City of Portland (OR) Archives, A2000-025.1182.


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12 thoughts on “Battleship Oregon Memorial Park , 1940

  1. Piggot’s Castle, St Mary’s and Lincoln Hall still with us. I’m sure many wouldn’t even recognize this as Portland.

  2. Excellent shot of the former OE Rwy Jefferson St. Station in the background. The building appears to have lost a lot of its grandeur by the time of this photo. I have been looking for a view of that side of the building for a while so thanks for posting this.

  3. Almost dead center in this photo is the “Colossus of Portland,” a controversial memorial to Teddy Roosevelt that later disappeared and has never been found, apparently. Dan Haneckow wrote about it awhile back in his Cafe Unknown blog when he was addressing a topic he called “Roosevelt Mysteries.” Here’s a link:

  4. After seeing the hotels in this photograph, I realized I have no idea what it was like inside these buildings. I know people who can describe the interiors and give insight to the experience of living in these hotels. I can’t wait to ask them. In the southwest waterfront, 1940 photo reposted by Robert G: there is a 3-story building in the upper left-hand corner, I lived in that hotel for 11 years. The hotel was on the 2nd & 3rd floors, my parents managed the hotel.The front desk was the size of a closet, and behind the draped doorway were living quarters for our family. There was a living room, kitchen, and one bedroom. There were 5 children and our 4 bedrooms were separate from the from the main living area. Our bathtub was behind a locked door on the opposite side of the building.

    The rented rooms included a bed, a dresser, and weekly linens (no other living space). People used hotplates to cook their meals. There was a small lobby. Many people were permanent residents. We had one room designated for coal. I thought it was great fun to shovel it to the back of the room. I can’t remember where we used the coal.

  5. This was the OE. The tracks curved around it and on the other side of the tracks was the freight depot (now gone in this picture). There is a nice shot available on the web of an OE train many years previously picking up “hop pickers” here.

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