6 thoughts on “SW Jefferson Street, 1948

  1. I guess this quaint old grocery with walk-up apts. is now a parking lot by a bus stop. The light-colored building (at left in photo) across 16th st., with the large window and garage-like entrance, still seems to be there. It has a very 1930s-moderne look about it. On the right side of the photo that leafless tree, or some iteration of it, still seems to be hanging on, still leafless in the latest GoogleEarth view. Or at least I would like to think that’s the same old tree, survived these 70 years amidst all the changes around it just as I have!

  2. Since this building was condemned by the city, I’m sure that it was surely rodent-infested…not too sure I would purchase meats or produce in that grocery.

  3. But they sold Wonder Bread! “Helps build strong bodies 12 ways.”
    The Wonder bakery was located at the corner of N. Fremont between Williams and Vancouver Avenues.

  4. Merlin,
    John Killen noted yesterday that the building was condemned for a “rotting foundation” among other things. This is evident in today’s photo where the section above the “Hires” sign has a higher roof line than the right and left corners. It wasn’t uncommon a hundred years ago to lay wood beams directly on the ground for a foundation. Cheap, but temporary in this wet climate. One might suspect that the upper floor apartments were abandoned because of roof leaks. The water from the leaks eventually made its way down and accelerated the rotting of the structure. This building shows the effects of decades of deferred maintenance! Too bad, as I am partial to buildings with towers.

    The floors in the old Nature’s grocery store on SW Corbett also showed the effects of a rotting supports. The floor was spongy to the step and far from level. I always had to keep a hand on my shopping cart to keep it from escaping to a lower part of the store. The building has since been rebuilt and saved from demolition.

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